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14 Annoying Things Every Bisexual Person Who's Dated Someone Of The Opposite Sex Has Heard

"Cool, so you guys have threesomes all the time?!"

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1. "I knew it was just a phase!"


2. "So you've just DECIDED to be straight now?"

me: "david bowie was bisexual" my mom: "he was, until he married a woman"

3. "Why even come out if you're just going to end up in a straight relationship?"

if i got a dime whenever someone made me feel like i'd lose Queer Cred for dating a man i could treat my bi friends to a solidarity spa day

4. "You really needed attention that bad, huh?"


5. *Whispers* "Have you told your current boyfriend/girlfriend that you used to be bi?"

6. "Doesn't your past with a [insert sex] bother them?"


7. "So do they get jealous when you hang out with LITERALLY ANYONE?!"

8. "So, is sleeping with someone of the same sex not considered 'cheating' in your...situation?"


9. "Cool, so you guys have threesomes all the time?!"

(bisexual women disclose their orientation) straight men with barely enough sexual stamina for one woman: i love threesomes!

10. "But...don't you miss having sex with [insert same sex]?"


What the actual fuck, Carol.

11. "Aren't you just the picture of 'passing' privilege!"

I can assure you that whatever "straight privilege" I sometimes get accused of having, gets erased by #biphobia.

12. "Were you ever even REALLY bi? Like...can you prove it?"


13. "Doesn't being in a straight relationship make you less ~attractive~ to the queer community?"


14. And, of course: "Can you even REALLY consider yourself a part of the LGBTQ community if you're currently in a straight relationship?"

"are bisexuals part of the LGBT+ community?" well the B certainty doesn't stand for your bitch ass

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