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What Kind Of Animal Is On Niall's Shirt In The New One Direction Music Video?


It's no secret that the TRUE star of One Direction's "Perfect" music video isn't Harry. Or Liam. Or Niall. Or Louis.

It is, in fact, the majestic shirt that Niall's wearing:

Like Niall, the shirt is BEAUTIFUL. The problem, though, is that no one can quite tell what's on it.

It looks like a horse on the collar here. But is that a llama beneath it???

Is that a really skinny pig? What sorcery is this?

And is that a camel???????????

Could THIS be a pig????????? Or maybe a cat?????????

This one looks like it could be a dog.

  1. So what do you think? What animal is on Niall's shirt???

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So what do you think? What animal is on Niall's shirt???
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    They are horses. Duh.
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    Obviously they are llamas.
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    100% camel.
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    They could be pigs.
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    I secretly hope they're cats.
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    They're probably dogs.
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    Let's be real: The shirt has a smorgasbord of animals on it.
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    None of the above. I'll tell you in the comments.

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