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    25 Of The Best, Old Disney Channel Original Movies That Need To Be Released From The Vault

    Ranked from "mildly amusing guilty pleasure" to "still amazing and deserves an Oscar." **I realize some of these can be found on "unofficial" DVD

    25. Rip Girls

    I know what you're thinking. "Dafuq? Why is Rip Girls so low? I remember it being totally awesome."

    I used to think the same thing, but then I re-watched it last year and realized it's totally boring. However, I do still love it, and am embarrassed for once having a crush on Kona. Sidenote: vintage Camilla Belle.

    24. Jett Jackson: The Movie

    Jett Jackson was a beloved TV show. Miz Coretta and Artemis were the bee knees. And with Lee Thompson Young's recent suicide, I feel a commemorative DVD release is in order.

    23. Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge

    While the sequel was not as good as the original, the plot is pretty legit. I laugh every time Marnie's mother puts on that awful mask to please her frog boyfriend. We can also rejoice in the return of cute Luke without his goblin nose.

    22. Alley Cats Strike

    Classic tale of a rag tag group of strangers coming together to win a bowling championship. Vintage Kaley Cuoco=adorable.

    21. A Ring of Endless Light

    Mischa Barton can talk to dolphins PLUS Ryan Merriman and Jared Padalecki are both fighting over her. Enough. Said.

    *Ring of Endless Light GIF unavailable.

    20. Phantom of the Megaplex

    A dreamy boy + creepy masks + Mickey Rooney= the recipe for an instant Halloween classic.

    19. Genius

    Chaz>Charlie (swoon). Also, Baby Emmy Rossum is in this movie.

    18. Don't Look Under the Bed

    The storyline of this movie is so great. If all old imaginary friends turned into Boogeymen who terrorize you until you believe in them again, the world would be much more interesting. Also, the Boogeyman was scary as F.

    17. Stepsister From Planet Weird

    Courtnee Draper was Disney Channel Royalty when this came out, but I couldn't help but side with the alien sister. It's not her fault she attracted all the male attention.

    "I fear the wind."

    16. The Color of Friendship

    This won an Emmy, so I felt compelled to include it. It was pretty entertaining too, I guess.

    These kids are thinking "Wait, if you're from Africa, why are you white?"

    15. Gotta Kick It Up

    Si se puede, it means yes. I. CAN.

    Also, pre-Ugly Betty America Ferrera.

    14. Double Teamed

    While the title of this movie is questionable and the twins in this movie aren't even related, watching Heather fight through her broken ankle to win the championship is legendary every time.

    PS Nikki, get that bitch look off your face. We all know you have daddy issues.

    13. Get A Clue

    Lindsay Lohan and Alfalfa. The world's most perfect couple that never was.

    Arguably some of her best acting post Parent Trap.

    12. The Luck of the Irish

    Ryan Merriman in his best role to date.

    "Oh, saints preserve us!"

    11. The Thirteenth Year

    Understandably, this kid freaks out when he starts turning into a mermaid on his 13th birthday. I still don't know why he would return to the sea when he had Dave Coulier for a human dad, but whatever.

    10. Cadet Kelly

    Hilary Duff, Shawn Ashmore and Christy Carlson Romano=collaboration made in heaven. Somehow they convinced Gary Cole to be in this movie too.

    Special moments=when Hilary Duff paints Christy's hair rainbow, and also their weird gun dance-off.

    9. Smart House

    Excellent concept. I would buy this house in a second. Cupcakes on command? Yes, please. Plus, any movie with a musical sequence to a Five song is okay in my book.

    8. Halloweentown

    Nothing beats the original. Finding out you have magical powers is a dream of children and adults alike. Also, I want Debbie Reynolds to be my grandmother.

    7. Model Behavior

    Justin Timberlake and a "Nobody's Angel" concert. If that doesn't scream 2000, I don't know what does.

    6. Wish Upon A Star

    While Katherine Heigl is my favorite part of this movie, she should be kind of embarrassed for being in it. Classic "Freaky Friday" sister switch story. This is one Disney Channel Original that has some surprisingly adult content in it. I don't hate it!

    5. Johnny Tsunami

    Go big, or go home. Words to live by.

    4. The Paper Brigade

    This movie is EPIC. It is so funny. I'd love to hang out with Crazy Man Cooper.

    Best line, "I think I just stepped in some Gunther."

    3. Motocrossed

    Way too many amazing things about this movie. From the hot men to the triumph of a chick being able to compete in motocrossed sports, this movie is A++. How about when Andy confesses her love to Dean and he still thinks she is a boy? Awkward turtle.

    2. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

    I confess I own this movie on VHS; however, it would be much more convenient to have a DVD copy. Zetus Lupitus, this movie is great. Protozoa=the bomb-digity.

    1. Brink!

    As if any other movie would be #1. Team Pup N Suds for Life.

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