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31 Questions "Double Double Toil And Trouble" Forgot To Answer

It's a Halloween classic, but this film left so many questions unanswered.

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1. Was it a party requirement to make all the jack-o-lanterns look like yourself?

2. How necessary was it for their parents to go to cranky Aunt Agatha for monetary help?

3. Did they not have any less rich, but SOMEWHAT nicer (and not the head of all neighboring witches) relatives they could have gone to?

4. Was croquet a normal thing for children to play when Aunt Sophia and Agatha were growing up?

5. Who decided the wigs on MK&A were a good idea in this flashback scene?


6. Did someone actually cut those wigs? Like, who wasn't a hair dresser?

7. Is it weird that the mother just assumed Aunt Sophia ran off with George?

8. Like, she could have been abducted. (I'd abduct her for some of those cinnamon cookies, tbh)

9. Why did Aunt Agatha have to carry out a huge bag of money to give to the grave digger only one dollar?

10. How much money does she actually have in there?

11. Has the grave digger never seen twins before?

12. Does Mr. Gravedigger have a real name, or was his last name actually his profession?

13. If Mr. Gravedigger hates the dark so much, why is he still so pale?

14. Weren't the twins ever taught to stay away from homeless men that live under bridges?

15. Wasn't Mr. N concerned the cops would stop him for hanging around with two little girls?


16. Did Madame Lulu ever wake up after looking into her crystal ball? They just left her there unconscious!

17. Who decided it was a good idea to break into a random house in the woods?

18. Did they think it was okay because it was super small/their size? NOT COOL.

19. Why aren't the girls terrified of Oscar?

20. How did Oscar acquire that funhouse mirror?

21. A carnie colleague, maybe? Does he have those?

22. Where does he shop for all his tiny furniture?

23. Can you really use shoe polish to dye your entire head black?

24. Couldn't Aggie have conjured herself some boxed dye at the very least?


25. If the twins were trying to fly under the radar at the gathering, WHY did they dress the same?

26. Is it taking these parents way too long to realize their children weren't with them?

27. And are we really expected to believe the mom was able to snag young Eric McCormack? COME ON.

28. Do two bald people really equal one goblin?

29. Where did that creepy bald man come from that pretended to be Mr. N?

30. Does Aunt Sophia have a fortune as well, or did they just steal Aunt Agatha's money? Kind of shady.

31. Finally, did MK&A realize how amazing it was that they got to work with CLORIS LEACHMAN??

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