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27 Times "Veronica Mars" Gave Us Way Too Many Feels

Because we are all Marshmallows.

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1. Every time Wallace and V gave you serious #friendshipgoals.

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AKA every episode.

2. That time Veronica suspected her real father might be Jake Kane.

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3. When Logan was in denial about his mother's suicide.

4. The moment Veronica finally realized her parents wouldn't be getting back together.

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5. When Veronica cried in her car after seeing Meg and Duncan together.

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6. And when Leo came to make her feel better!

7. When Logan realized his mother was truly gone.

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8. The first kiss to end all first kisses:

9. When Logan said this to Veronica and the entire world swooned.

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10. This entire confrontation:

11. When Logan stood up for his girl in front of the '09ers.

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12. When Keith was being taken away in an ambulance after saving Veronica's life:

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13. Veronica saying goodbye to Lilly at the end of season one.

I'm not crying, you're crying.

14. That time Logan got beat up and framed for murder...

On the same night he found out his Dad killed Lilly.

15. When LoVe broke up (the first time) and we realized how many bad things had happened to him.


16. Any time Veronica and Keith had ~classic~ father/daughter moments like this:

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17. When Wallace surprised Veronica after disappearing to Chicago.

18. That time Duncan got Meg pregnant and fled the state with their baby.


19. The moment Veronica was certain her father was dead.

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20. When Beaver left Mac in the hotel room in the Season 2 finale.

Not. Cool.
Warner Brothers / Via

Not. Cool.

21. Who could forget Logan's famous anti-prom speech?

22. When Wallace said their friendship was worth being bullied.

Warner Brothers / Via

23. That time the opening sequence changed for Season 3 and it was kind of creepy.

Warner Brothers / Via

It just didn't feel the same!

24. When Logan walked in on this moment of intimacy.

25. THIS:

Poor Piz :(

26. When Season 3 ended without any sort of resolution.

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27. And finally, when the movie was made and we could all carry on with our lives!

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Giving the fans what they needed:

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