20 Ways To Tell You Are A Disney College Program Alumni

Never forget that “safe D begins with me.”

20. Obviously, you have a “thing” for anything Disney.

And all your friends from home think you’re obsessed. (and you kind of are…but it’s a healthy obsession!)

19. Disney World (or Disneyland) is your home.

Disney / Via data2.whicdn.com

Who wouldn’t want to live within ten minutes of a magical theme park with 7,000+ college kids that like all the same things as you?

18. You get really emotional over anything involving Walt Disney.

Disney / Via gatituh.tumblr.com

We know it’s weird. The feels…there’s too many.

17. You know all the words to the song in Splash Mountain.

“Pretty good, sure as you’re born.”

16. You also know every second of dialogue from the Tower of Terror.

A warm welcome back to those of you who made it…

15. You know where all the best Hidden Mickeys are located.

And point them out every time you see them. (This one is a classic from the dining room at the Haunted Mansion.)

14. You’ve drank “around the world” multiple times.

And know only the bravest of souls start at Mexico.

13. Every Sunday you have the urge to go to the House of Blues with your roommates…

Disney / Via rebloggy.com

12. …despite the questionable clientele and poor choices that are made.

Disney / Via tumblr.com

What happens at HOB stays at HOB.

11. Your blood actually boils when someone says they have a “friend who plays Belle.”

Disney / Via fark.com

Just..NO. Belle has a lot of friends. The end.

10. It took over a year for you to stop pointing with two fingers.

Disney / Via perezhilton.com

9. You often find yourself craving Dole Whips, Mickey waffles, Mickey premium bars, etc.

Disney / Via blogs.disney.com

8. You get choked up when one of your friends “checks in” at West Clock

Disney / Via tumblr.com

The entrance to “backstage” at the Magic Kingdom.

7. You would literally murder for the chance to stay in the Cinderella’s castle suite.


6. Everyone tries to stump you with Disney trivia.

Disney / Via imgur.com

…but fails because you already know everything.

5. When you got home, you called your work’s uniform a “costume,” and everyone thought you were weird.

Disney / Via Doblelol.com

4. You became depressed for a week after you left because everyone wasn’t always in a good mood.

Disney / Via gifstumblr.com

3. You can’t stop talking about Disney things and all the awesome things you did on your internship.

Disney / Via tumblr.com

Something only fellow CPs understand!

2. In your spare time, you can be found planning your next Disney vacation.

Disney / Via rebloggy.com

The amount of times you have previously gone is simply not enough.

1. You think about working for Disney again all the time even though you already have an established career.

Disney / Via rebloggy.com


Forget real life. Let’s quit our jobs, and move to Disney World.

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