13 Things It’s Annoying To Have To Pay For

Living in the Free World should be free.

1. Guacamole at Chipotle


2. Checked bags


3. Bridge tolls

(I mean, we know why…but why?)

4. Parking

Everywhere and anywhere. It’s one of those things that just generally sucks.

5. Uncomplimentary hotel water bottles

I’ll stick to tap.

6. Ticketmaster’s convenience charge(s)

Literally, the most INconvenient thing ever to exist, ever.

7. Pant alterations

(short people problems)

8. Un-free refills

I’ll just drink the ice once it’s melted.

9. Shipping and handling fees

Go ahead — sign your life away for that expedited shipping. The rest of us will just wait the 7–10 business days like paupers.

10. Cheese on your burger


11. Cancellation fees

Sorry, Doc. I can’t make it to the office because the six weeks-worth of waiting has allowed for the tapeworm to take over my entire body.

12. Chemical-free fruits and vegetables

Less is supposed to be more though.

13. And finally: Starbucks

OK, maybe that’s a stretch. A girl can dream.

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