20 Baby Sloth Gifs To Get You Through Finals

Because, let’s be honest, you’re procrastinating studying anyway.

1. You’re reaching for the light at the end of the tunnel like:

Because you’re almost done with your papers/assignments and it’s finals week.

2. Worst part is, your friends tell you they don’t have any exams, and you’re like:

For real.

3. You look at your class notes like:


4. So you take a break, and you’re like:

Peace out, girl scout—because you’re really overwhelmed.

5. You start to have a breakdown and your roomie/bestie comes over like:

It’s ok, you can do this! Because HUGS.

6. You start to feel better about your exams and you’re like:

You know what could make this better? …PAJAMAS DURING EXAMS.

7. Then you’re thinking about pj’s, and your bed, and you start yawning:

…But don’t give in to sleep yet, you can do it!

8. There’s a solution to your problem:

Guzzle some of that sweet nectar of life… COFFEE!


10. Then you realize you’re running out of time:

Even if you don’t shower, you can still do something to your hair.

11. …Aaaaaaand your eyelids are starting to droop:

Don’t pass out! You’re almost there!

You could always find a snuggle buddy if you need a nap.

13. Hmmm, snuggle buddy:

Maybe you should rethink that not-showering idea…

Makeup? Hahahaha NOPE.

15. All showered?

Now you start to feel like a zombie, and you’re beginning to regret the all-nighter…

16. But then you remember… you’re gonna PUNCH YOUR FINALS IN THE FACE!

Because you didn’t sacrifice your precious beauty sleep for nothing, right?!

19. And when you’ve finished your papers, you’re gonna hand them to your profs like:

20. Then you’re gonna:

And it will all be OVER! Like a bad dream ;)

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