17 Things Californians Are Tired Of Hearing

Stereotypes abound.

1. So, do you live next to a celebrity?


2. All the celebrities live in Hollywood, right?

Try Malibu. Or Agoura Hills.

3. You have an accent.

Mmm.. no. Not everyone here talks like a surfer, bruh.

4. So you live by the beach, right?

…I wish.

5. So have you done a commercial?

Not everyone here wants to act. And not everyone here wants to be a model or musician.

6. Do you have a pool?

I wanted one my whole life.

7. Do you live in a really big house?

Real estate is expensive here. And most houses weren’t zoned for 2 stories.

8. Do you surf?

Most of us live 1 + hours from the coast.

9. You guys complain about traffic too often.

Uhhh… yeah. No. “Rush hour” is not a game. It lasts 4 hours. And happens twice a day.

10. You guys have perfect weather.

Have you ever heard of “June Gloom”? It’s real. And “summer weather” lasts for about 6 months. We have to have “Heat Days” due to extreme heat.

Other than that, it’s great.

11. All Californians are bad drivers.

Mmm… might be true of some. But a lot of “our” bad drivers are people from out of state. Check their license plates.

12. Californians are stuck up and only concerned with their appearances.

Goes along with the assumption we’re all in The Biz. No.

13. California is a cesspool of sin and corruption.

Eh. That’s a very broad generalization.

14. Californians are all hippies and all have extreme political views.

Nope. Not everyone is an atheist either.

15. Everyone does drugs (namely, pot.)

Stereotype. And media exaggeration. It’s a choice.

16. Nothing important, except entertainment, comes from California.

We contribute a lot to the agriculture industry.

17. Californians all say “dude.”

This one is generally true.

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