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15 Things You Should Never Say To A Pregnant Stranger

Pregnant women/vessels of human life are intriguing, let’s face it. But just because a woman is visibly pregnant, it doesn’t give you license to ask her obnoxious questions. Everyone’s sensitivities are different, but unless you’re in dire need of a beatdown, avoid saying the following if the temptation strikes.

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1. I don't care what you say - you must be having a boy/girl because you’re carrying high/low. / Via

What kind of sense does that make? Do you have x-ray vision? Did you read the ultrasound? Just because you/your cousin/your husband’s baby mama ‘carried’ a certain way, that has nothing to do with anyone else or their baby. Take a seat.

3. Do you crave pickles and ice cream?

At the top of most pregnant women’s FAQ list, the answer most want to give is “No - that sounds nasty. But why don't you go get me a pint of strawberry Haagen-Dazs and bucket of Popeye's instead.”

4. How are you feeling?

Pregnancy is a condition, not a disorder. This is a tough one - as much as we do appreciate your concern, we don’t want to bitch and moan. But the real answer is ‘I feel as good as anyone that is about to have 8 lbs of human push its way out of a hole the size of a lemon, can only fit into the same 3 outfits, waddles like a penguin, and can’t sleep through the night if they tried. How are you feeling?’.

7. Pregnant women shouldn’t wear that.

Sorry we missed the dress code memo. Would you prefer pregnant women wear frumpy over-sized overalls and dress like they belong in a bad 80’s movie? If a pregnant woman wants to wear an outfit that looks like it came from the Kim Kardashian maternity collection that's her business. Deal with it.

11. I’m sorry ma’am, but this is my cab- I crossed the street for it. / If I didn’t have a long day at work I’d let you have my seat on the bus.

RIP chivalry. Were you raised in a barn? Be my guest, take the seat, and remember, karma is a b.

13. Are you going to give birth today? Like right here?

Yes. Because every pregnant woman dreams of giving birth in an elevator, office building, or supermarket. With an annoying comment like this one, I can guarantee that she's hoping her water will break all over your new Gucci loafers.

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