15 Totally Unexpected Ways With Flowers For Your Inner Flower Child

Because I’m sick of bouquets… k?

1. Flower Garland

This is a brilliant way to save flowers that are past their prime. PRITTTTEEE (PSA: that’s pronounced like pretty, not like Sprite.)

2. Flower Mirror

Because your beautiful face should be surrounded by beautiful flowers.

3. Paper Flower Bouquet

Okay, yeah, this is a bouquet, BUT IT’S MADE OF PAPER. AND IT LOOKS SO REAL. And if you hate bouquets that much, just use the technique and hang them from the ceiling or something similarly funky.

4. Flower Monogram

Because you can. And because the first letter of your name is one in 26. You’re original and deserve to be treated that way.

5. Flower Wall

As Hilary Duff taught me, “Why not?” It looks beautiful. (Only use roses or you’ll have a wall full of dead flowers in about two days.)

6. Crepe Paper Flowers

Remember that ugly, crinkly paper you use to decorate for birthdays? Well, it can look pretty dang beautiful at the hands of an artist. Try your luck.

7. Heart Wreath

Stick it to the man. Wreaths need not be circular. HUZZAH.

8. Cake Crown

You, boho goddess, are not the only one who can wear a flower crown. Cakes can too. Because they’re delicious and delicious things can do what they want.

9. Flower Ampersand

Think of all the occasions where this could come in handy. Seriously. Like when you’re reciting the grocery list, for example.

10. Cupcake Liner Flowers

If you don’t use the extra cupcake liners for something, you will just eat more cupcakes. I’m not judging. I’m just helping you out.

11. Rainbow Succulents


12. Sweet and Sour

Pair your blooms with some bright citrus for a sweet and sour centerpiece.

13. Flower Cupcakes

Remember in number 10 how I told you to use your cupcake liners so you don’t eat more cupcakes? I lied. Totally eat more cupcakes.

14. Lightbulb Vases

Yeah… I’m not sure. But it looks cool. I think?

15. Bacon Roses

Because bacon.

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