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    12 Honestly Brilliant Wedding Guestbook Ideas

    Because I don't want to try to fit another "Congratulations" on the book you'll never look at again.

    1. For Vino Lovers / Via

    Have each guest sign a cork that you can then display like so:

    Make sure you know what you want to make ahead of time so you can direct your guests where on the cork they should sign.

    2. For Cuddlers

    Let them leave a note on a square of your love quilt that will be used daily.

    3. For Time Travelers / Via

    Well, technically everyone is constantly traveling to the future, but it's still cool to call yourselves time travelers. Open this on your first anniversary to relive your big day.

    4. For the Forgetful / Via

    Let them do the work for you! Never forget a birthday again...

    5. For Quirky Couples / Via

    Have your guests literally leave their mark with this adorable fingerprint guestbook. Ask them to sign their well wishes next to their balloon. FREE PRINTABLE!

    6. For Dreamers / Via

    These wishsticks will bring good luck into your new home. Display them somewhere special, and grab them for a pick-me-up.

    7. For Game Lovers

    Spend quality time with your new spouse putting together a puzzle. Read each piece before putting it in place.

    8. For Rustic Romancers / Via

    An interactive guestbook will have guests smiling before the event even begins. This fun, rugged idea can be displayed in your new home.

    9. For Foodies / Via

    Be reminded of your favorite people daily as you dine. This is ridiculously easy to make and extremely useful.

    10. For the Honeymooners / Via

    Ensure an amazing first year (and forever after that) with date ideas to keep things fun. When you're stumped on a Friday night, dig into your jar for a great idea, a laugh, and a smile.

    11. For the Sentimentalists


    Go all The Notebook on your guests with a heartwarming love letters station. This idea is perfect for a vintage wedding as friends and family can write their well wishes on a typewriter. Open one a day until you run out.

    12. For Celebrators

    Have a bottle of wine and notes to read for each anniversary.

    Now PLEASE stop with those books.


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