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Here Are The Weirdest Ways Australians Eat Lollies

Note to self: Always play with your food.

9. Chopping up snakes into small bite-size pieces.

8. Decapitating jelly babies and swapping their heads.

7. Chilling snakes in the fridge before eating.

6. Keeping frogs in the freezer so they're SUPER hard.

5. Dunking strawberries and cream lollies into coffee.

4. Eating a snake with ~a friend~ and meeting in the middle.

3. Dipping frogs into hot drinks.

2. Melting strawberries and cream lollies in the microwave.

1. Eating pineapple lollies with cheese. Yes, cheese.

Images via iStock and Allen's. Survey results provided by Allen's.

You do you – no judgement. Is there another weird way you like to eat Allen's lollies? Tell us in the comments!