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The Polls Are In!

The new statistics are not looking good. Will Hillary survive the turnout?

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Studies have shown that it is at least 35 percent more fun to dislike Clinton than it is to support her. 😉 😇 😆

What is really interesting is learning 89% of voters prefer a candidate whose backpedaling and lying seems less calculated and strategic. Trump's administration has been making all the right moves it seems. 😎

You can view these super reliable polls at

In other news, CNN got exclusive images of Hillary's new haircut. Check it out at


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Bored? Feel better by watching this Japanese Prank Show clip!

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Still feeling sad? Here's another!

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Do you think good decision-making tools make one a good president?

If so, look closely at Clinton. For example, look at Iraq - she voted for the war. Can we really trust someone to lead this country who flip flops on the decision of going to war?

Is Hillary too defiant?

Are we sure we can trust Hillary? She seems to scream defiance. And everyone knows what defiance leads to - terrorism. We don't want a president who defies the government just to use her iPhone for email.

Hillary's gender makes her 47% more emotional than Trump

Hillary is a women. There is nothing wrong with being a women but can she really run a country? Women are inherently more emotional than men.

And.....Rogue Dancer Takes Over Electronics Store!! Is it Hillary Fever?

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Stay buzzin Buzzfeeders.

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