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  • Flying On The Hello Kitty Plane Is So Ridiculous That It’s Hilarious (and Cute)

    Taiwan’s Eva Air has been flying Hello Kitty-themed airplanes for a while. However, none of them had been flying to the United States until recently. I happened to catch one from Taipei to Los Angeles last week. The Hello Kitty theme was evident on the exterior of the plane, but it didn’t stop there. Naturally, I had to take at least a few pictures of the experience. I really enjoyed the flight and this admittedly was not my first time flying Eva Air. The service was great and the plane was comfortable! This is my short tale of me realizing what was going on and the things I found on the plane. Disclaimer: Eva Air did not in any way contact me or pay me to make this post. I just found it that amusing all on my own!

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