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10 Unusual Low-Cost Date Ideas In NYC

In a world where Tinder and Okcupid are hooking us up faster and our wallets grow weary...

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3. The Kitchen, the Highline, and a Picnic


Imma bring that bitch a peanut butter and jelly sandwich... bitches love PBn'Js.

If you are not familiar with the Kitchen, it's a non-profit space used by artists, writers, dancers, performance artists, etc. to showcase their work.

Free tours of the Highline (an old elevated subway track, turned greenway) are available.

6. Damascus Bakery, Sahadi's, and Brooklyn Bridge Park

Impress your date with some Brooklyn knowledge. Most of you know Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) for two things: Grimaldi's Pizza (expensive and now gone), and the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Did you know that just above those sights on Atlantic Avenue you can find some of the best Middle Eastern food this side of the hemisphere?

8. The Staten Island Ferry and Everything Goes Bookstore-Café


The ferry is free and the bookstore-café is quaint. Each year they have a St. George's day Festival.

9. Onigiri at Panya

Has your date ever told you, "I could really go for some sushi and some French pastries..."? Fear no more! This Japanese bakery will suit all your needs.

10. The East River Ferry and Smorgasburg at East River State Park

Can't decide what you both want to eat? Smorgasburg will make it harder! This weekly food festival is so awesome. Then you can enjoy your food coma from the $4-$6 East River Ferry.

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