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14 Questions We Desperately Want Answers To In "Allegiant"

We only seek the truth. Thankfully, on 10 March, all will be revealed.

1. What's on the other side of the wall?

2. Are there monsters on the other side of the wall?

3. Is the gang going to wish they'd never thought, Hey, let's climb the wall and see what's going on over there?

4. Is Mama Eaton going to do more harm than good?

5. Will Peter be any less of a douche?

6. Will there be any more fear landscape simulations?

7. Who was the lady in the message?

8. How many times will Four take his top off?

9. Is Caleb going to break our hearts again?

10. Does it matter if you're Divergent on the other side of the wall?

11. Will Tris try run off again to save the world? If so, how many times?

12. Are those two going to live happily ever after?


14. Are we going to love Allegiant as much as we predict we will?

Been waiting all year for The Divergent Series: Allegiant to come out? Us too. Luckily the wait is over because the film opens in cinemas 10 March. CELEBRATE! Check out the trailer below:

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