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    • allanl5

      A Boycott is NOT the answer!  Although these images are horrific, a boycott of the Olympic games by this country would be a serious mistake. One of the core values of our society is the fair and equal treatment of ALL citizens of this nation. These values, among others that are too numerous to list here, are reflected in our athletes in all international competition. As such, it seems even MORE important that our country send these Canadian representatives to Russia to show how our country does not retreat to the closet in the face of ignorance. With regards to PRIDE, I seem to recall the same problem here many years ago. There was a no retreat attitude then which promoted social change and thus the same strategy must be employed on a world stage. I, for one, would rather show my support by showing up.  Perhaps there is a way for Canadians to show their support for Russia’s LGBT community during the games (ex: the Vancouver games: We had some awesome mittens that were a huge success with lots of press…something similar maybe (just spit balling)…