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    This Woman Wants To Give The World An Indigenous Version Of Barbie

    An Aboriginal woman is turning Barbie and Bratz dolls into Indigenous girls.

    Koori woman Lorna Munro was so disturbed by the lack of dolls reflecting Aboriginal people that she decided to make her own.

    An Aboriginal doll by Lorna Munro (Supplied)

    "I thought it would be great to do a Koori and Murri version of these dolls. It's just really important for young Aboriginal girls to have something that reflects them, something that they look like," Munro told BuzzFeed News.

    "I also think the Barbies and the Bratz dolls are really over-sexualised and the makeup is over the top and the clothes are full on, so it’s about time that we really think about the image we want to present to our young women.”

    Munro started making the dolls as a hobby and initially gave them as gifts to her nieces and friends.

    Lorna Munro (Supplied)

    "Every time I put it out there on social media there was always a long list of people wanting them. I can't actually keep up with demand at the moment," Munro said.

    "There are so many people who want these dolls to give as presents and it's a reminder that our young girls are black and beautiful and that all the different shades of being black are all important."

    As a child Munro’s mother always made sure she had a black doll and now she wants to ensure other young girls have one.

    "When I was a young girl I was lucky to have a mother who understood the toxicity of being influenced by a Barbie that had an unrealistic body image.”

    Munro purchases Barbie dolls and Bratz dolls and re-works their feature, she then dresses them in clothes with Indigenous patterns and T-shirts with the Aboriginal flag on it.


    "The touches I give to the doll is I try to recreate those beautiful Aboriginal eyes, those full lips and take away all that makeup and give them a natural look. I like to match the dolls to the future owners if I have a photo."

    Munro has been so overwhelmed by orders that she is looking at starting a small business with employees to help her manufacture. A Facebook page featuring Munro’s dolls is due to be set up in the next few weeks.

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