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    People Are Calling Out Pauline Hanson's Claim There's No Definition Of An Aboriginal Person

    "Another white person telling us what it means to be Aboriginal."

    The hashtag #DefineAboriginal began trending on Tuesday in response to claims by controversial One Nation senator Pauline Hanson that "there’s no definition to an Aboriginal" and that non-Indigenous people can become "Aboriginal" if they marry one.

    .@PaulineHansonOz says there is no definition of aboriginal. Live on #TheBoltReport, @SkyNewsAust

    Hanson made the comments to Sky News host Andrew Bolt on Monday night. The Queensland senator is calling for parts of the Racial Discrimination Act to be amended.

    Section 18C of the act makes it illegal to vilify, humiliate, or offend someone based on their race. Hanson believes it impedes free speech.

    Can we all start a tag #DefineAboriginal

    Ryan Griffen, the Aboriginal creator of critically acclaimed television drama Cleverman, started the hashtag to protest against Hanson's comments.

    "Another white person telling us what it means to be Aboriginal. It don't work like that," Griffen wrote on Twitter, before adding, "Can we all start a tag #Define Aboriginal".

    Walking in the shops with mates but you're the only one followed around. #DefineAboriginal

    Indigenous people started sending tweets with the hashtag alongside personal stories of being the victims of racism.

    The hashtag quickly became one of the top trending subjects on Australian Twitter.

    Being 10 years old & watching your dad get locked up for skateboarding on a footpath & J walking #DefineAboriginal

    When a real estate agent tells a friend where you grew up is 'Vegemite don't want to live there.' #defineAboriginal

    drinking water from a 'special' cup reserved for me at my friends house by his parents so i wouldn't touch the normal ones #DefineAboriginal

    Being told you're too pretty & smart to be Aboriginal. #DefineAboriginal

    When a white person glances at you to work out your blood quantum, then boasts they know more about Aboriginal culture. #DefineAboriginal

    Australian boxer, arrested and locked up because alleged driving stolen car. He paid for it himself out of winnings. #defineaboriginal

    Knowing you're going to die 12 years earlier than non-Indigenous friends #DefineAboriginal

    Being told to go out to [insert name of remote community] because that's where the real Aboriginals with real problems are #DefineAboriginal

    Walking into an elevator & you notice the ladies hold their Bags that little more tighter #DefineAboriginal