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    Meet The "Aboriginal Kardashians'' Starring In Your New Favourite Show

    Your new television addiction.

    A new reality television show offers viewers an unfiltered glimpse into what life is really like in a modern Aboriginal household – this one made up of nine sisters and their single mother.

    Family Rules, a six-part fly-on-the-wall documentary series produced by NITV, follows Perth family the Rules as they deal with everyday challenges.

    Daniella, matriarch of the family, raised her nine daughters, aged 13-30, as a single mum after her husband was killed in a vicious one-punch attack in 2004.

    "It was quite traumatic and [at the time] my youngest was only a few weeks old, and my oldest was in her first week of university, so it was quite a tender period for all of my girls," Daniella told BuzzFeed News.

    "We decided to do [the show] because we were approached and thought, 'Why not?' This show is really the story of our experiences, plus all the other stuff that comes with a family of nine girls."

    The first episode focusses on the drama and tears as seventh child Aleisha prepares for her school formal.

    While they've been dubbed the "Aboriginal Kardashians", and they "love make-up and clothes", Family Rules is about a lot more than being glamorous.

    "To say we're the Aboriginal Kardashians is crazy talk, but I suppose there are a few similarities that come up," said 30-year-old Angela. "But we also want to smash stereotypes about Aboriginal women."

    Daniella agrees: "Unfortunately you'll always have negative stereotypes, and that is something that Aboriginal people have seen day in, day out, for years. It's nice to come in and share our story and show that Aboriginal people are just normal people."

    You can catch Family Rules on SBS On Demand.

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