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Indigenous People Are Pissed That The Greens Put Their Logo On The Aboriginal Flag

The Greens were calling for the Victorian Government to fly the Aboriginal flag outside parliament.

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It started with Victorian Greens MP for Melbourne Ellen Sandell tweeting that the Victorian Parliament House should fly the Aboriginal flag.

Did you know Vic Parliament House doesn't fly the Aboriginal flag? I'm calling for this to change. RT if you agree.

The tweet included a picture of the Aboriginal flag with the Green's logo on it.

Playwright and actor Nakkiah Lui was quick to take issue with the rebranded flag.

Aboriginal Flag colours stand for: BLACK is the colour of our skin, YELLOW is the sun & RED... for The Greens #auspol

Thought I was wearing my Aboriginal Flag cossie for cultural pride. Actually, I was a young @Greens supporter #auspol

And people started to voice their opinion.

@nakkiahlui @Greens all those blackfellas with Aboriginal flag tattoos apparently Greens voters #auspol


Shame on the @Greens for defacing the #Aboriginal flag. #BlackLivesMatter #SOSBLAKAUSTRALIA

There is something a little bit off about this greens pollie putting the greens logo on the aboriginal flag

Victorian greens MP 'brands' Aboriginal flag with party logo to the annoyance of many

@ellensandell very disappointing to see you stamp the Aboriginal flag with greens party logo. #NotOn #inappropriate


@ellensandell put THE GREENS LOGO on the aboriginal flag?!?? So wrong. Your party does not own this flag!

I'm calling on the Victorian Greens to remove their logo from the Aboriginal flag. #springst

Pretty disrespectful for @EllenSandell to whack the Greens Party logo on the Aboriginal flag. Symbols are important. #SpringSt

The Greens were pushing for the Aboriginal flag to fly alongside the Australian flag outside the Victorian Parliament.

@Greens @SenatorSiewert are you happy to have your Vic. colleagues deface the Aboriginal flag? Is it 'culturally appropriate'?@nakkiahlui

The Aboriginal flag was designed in 1971 by Harold Thomas. The black represents Aboriginal people, the yellow circle represents the sun and the red represents the earth, not the Greens political party.