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This Is Why Aboriginal Australians Are Angry

"This is a form of genocide."

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Richard Ashen / NEWZULU

Last week thousands of protesters crippled Melbourne’s CBD and hundreds marched through Sydney’s inner city with a unified chant aimed directly at the government; do not force the closure of over 150 remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia.

In November 2014 the Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett said that he would close up to 150 remote Aboriginal communities, saying the state could no longer afford to pay for essential services like power and electricity.

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The Premier's comments were in response to the Federal Government's decision to stop subsidising these services in the middle of 2015, putting the financial responsibility on individual state governments.


In March Prime Minister Tony Abbott told ABC Radio, "What we can't do is endlessly subsidise lifestyle choices if those lifestyle choices are not conducive to the kind of full participation in Australian society that everyone should have."

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The Prime Minister's comment that Aboriginal people living on traditional lands was a lifestyle choice added fuel to the fire. If the communities do close, up to 12,000 people could be moved.

Including high profile supporters like these players from the English Super League.

Ken Canning, one of the Sydney protestors, said, "This is the biggest land grab since 1788, it is a form of genocide. The only difference is this time the government is not killing us with guns and poison, they are murdering our connection to country."

Protest organisers have issued a national call to action next month.