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Alan Jones Says Australia “Needs More Stolen Generations"

"Half the Stolen Generation were taken for their own protection."

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Controversial talkback radio host Alan Jones has told listeners that Australia needed to have another Stolen Generation to save Indigenous children from drug and alcohol addicted Aboriginal mothers and fathers.

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Jones was responding to a listener who called into his 2GB radio show on Monday morning to complain about the traditional Aboriginal dance and minute of silence for the stolen generation at the NRL Indigenous all-stars game on Saturday.

"What a load of coddle," the listener said. "And they even had to stand for a minute silence for the Stolen Generations. When are they going to believe that half the Stolen Generation were taken for their own protection?"

Jones responded, "Correct, to look after them."

"We need Stolen Generations, there's a whole heap of kids going before the courts now or their families going. Mums going before the courts or dads who are on top of the world with drugs or alcohol."

The Stolen Generations refers to Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders who were forcibly removed as children from their families between the early 1900s up until the 1970s by the government.

Children were placed into boys' and girls' homes run by the church or fostered and adopted out to white families.

They were forbidden to speak their traditional language and practice Indigenous customs and were often the subject of horrific sexual and physical abuse, those alive today still suffer immense trauma.

Jones argued that children needed to be forcibly removed from their families today for their own good.

"Yeah, we've gone mad, haven't we?" Jones said. "We have gone mad – I just thought [the minute's silence] was unbelievable."

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"Suddenly they go back into an environment where children are brought up in those circumstances [drug and alcohol abuse], those children, for their own benefit, should be taken away."

Last week marked the eight-year anniversary of former prime minister Kevin Rudd's historic apology to the Stolen Generations.

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