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Indigenous People Had The Best Response To "Racist" Cartoon

"That's me and my youngest... and that's a FISH!!!!! Not a beer can!!!"

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Thousands of Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people have flooded social media with pictures of their fathers under the hashtag #IndigenousDads.

The posts were in response to a controversial cartoon that appeared in The Australian newspaper last week depicting a police officer handing an Aboriginal child to his father, who had a beer in his hand and couldn't remember the name of his own son.

The Australian

The cartoon was slammed as racist and offensive by community leaders and politicians, but The Australian's editor-in-chief Paul Whittaker defended the cartoonist, Bill Leak.

“Too often, too many people skirt around the root causes and tough issues. But not everyone," Whittaker said.

So Indigenous Aussies took to social media to smash the stereotype shown in the cartoon with inspiring and heartwarming posts about their dads.

Don't even drink beer and know all the names of my sons. That 'cartoon' labelled me otherwise. #IndigenousDads

That's me & my youngest.. And that's a FISH!!!!! Not a beer can!!! .. You CANNOT stereotype me!!! #IndigenousDads

Too cold to get out of bed, so here is an old pic of my darling Dad. Love him, Miss him ❤️ #indigenousdads

This is my indigenous dad... And no, that's not beer in his hand, it's a Helpmann award #IndigenousDads @australian

When I graduated from Uni my Dad was right by my side - as always #IndigenousDads

I'm proud to be his father and proud to be Aboriginal. Our culture is our strength. #IndigenousDads.

This is my dad Jack. Im so lucky to have such an amazing dad love me and be there throughout my life #indigenousdads

My amazing dad Tom, social justice fighter Palm Is, died at 46 doing his job; caring for community #indigenousdads

My #deadly dad, already raised 8&uncle&grandad to dozens-you are amazing❤️😘#IndigenousDads

14 years my #IndigenousDads passed away. Lawman, English his 3rd language, Master Skipper of pearl luggers, seaman

"Live you life so that your kids want t be YOU!!" @ZachsCeremony #indigenousdads #WarriorUP!!

#IndigenousDads Sam,Eli, Jake - I remember their names

Smash the stereotype #IndigenousDads

My maternal Pop. Served for his country when he wasn't an Aus citizen, non drinker, good father #IndigenousDads

He never missed a netball game, cried when I got As & always makes sure to tell me he loves me #Indigenousdads

My mentor, my protector, my inspiration, the one who's always there for me, my Dad #IndigenousDads

#IndigenousDads My Granddad & Great Uncles fought for this Country more than once!

The hashtag was trending throughout the weekend and people are still posting pictures of their fathers online today.

Formerly with BuzzFeed News, Allan Clarke is a NITV reporter based in Sydney.

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