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    Power Is Almost Back! And Here's Some Funny Moments

    When it comes to Ghost, Tommy or even Saxe you know there will be nonstop laughs. This is for the Editorial Fellowship.

    Saxe tryna figure out how to pin ghosts death on James st. Patrick #PowerTV

    @DTonnah / Via Twitter: @DTonnah

    Every time I hear Angela talk about her feelings 😥 #PowerTV

    @rekrap_leroy / Via Twitter: @rekrap_leroy

    Me canceling my STARZ subscription until January #PowerTV

    SportyB_ / Via Twitter: @SportyB_

    “They say this is a big rich town” y’all, #PowerTV comes back January 5th 🔥

    @_OnlyBDrakeford / Via Twitter: @_OnlyBDrakeford

    Ghost free and then you realize Kanan still walking the streets #PowerTV

    @PlinkSmooth / Via Twitter: @PlinkSmooth

    Tasha wanna kill ghost bc he gave her the divorce she’s been begging for? #PowerTV

    @jayantimarie / Via Twitter: @jayantimarie

    Everyone wanted a piece of Ghost like; #PowerTV #PowerSeason6

    Levis Oluoch / Via Twitter: @vinskiey

    This is the most logical character I ever have seen on Tv. #PowerTV

    @aquila_fpoz_ / Via Twitter: @aquila_fpoz_

    *Power returns in January* Blanca: James St. Patrick is dead. Me: #PowerTV

    @TheKrisKudo / Via Twitter: @TheKrisKudo

    #PowerTV Tariq: so you really want me to turn myself in? Ghost: yes Tariq:

    @UrbnStateofMind / Via Twitter: @UrbnStateofMind

    When you mad Ghost got caught slipping but then realize you might not have to hear about the Queens Child Project again #PowerTV

    @Super_Rio88 / Via Twitter: @Super_Rio88

    Who told them to create a sad version to Big Rich Town .... #PowerTV

    @regallytay / Via Twitter: @regallytay

    blanca: we’re investigating james st. patrick tate: #PowerTV

    @ashykneee / Via Twitter: @ashykneee

    Tasha when Ghost told her she killed Lakeisha #PowerTV

    @LashaeLove / Via Twitter: @LashaeLove

    The final five episodes of Power will premiere on Jan. 5 at 8 p.m. EDT on Starz.