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    Try Out This Watermelon Trick This Fourth Of July

    Because freaking out your friends is the ultimate pastime.

    Trick Your Friends With This Skinned Watermelon

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    Naked Watermelon Party Trick


    2 watermelons

    1 new sponge


    1. Place the watermelon standing up and carefully skin with a knife starting from the top down to the bottom, removing the rind.

    2. Turn the watermelon on its side and cut off the end rinds.

    3. Once skinned, use your knife to remove all white parts.

    4. Use the rough side of a new sponge to smooth out all edges.

    5. Refrigerate the skinned watermelon.

    6. Cut the second watermelon in half and score it with a knife.

    7. Use a spoon to scoop out the watermelon and continue to scrape out the inside until clean.

    8. Assemble the watermelon by putting the skinned watermelon inside the shell and close together.

    9. Refrigerate until ready.

    10. Trick your friends, slice, and enjoy!

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