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    This Checkerboard Cake Will Make You Feel Things

    So beautiful

    Checkboard Cake


    1 prepared chocolate cake, 9 inches

    1 prepared yellow cake, 9 inches

    Chocolate frosting


    1. Slice the top of both cakes to create a flat surface.

    2. Cut both cakes in half widthwise to create four cakes.

    3. Place a small plate on top of the cake and cut around to create a smaller circle.

    4. Place a glass in the middle of the cake and cut around to create an even smaller circle.

    5. Assemble the first layer by placing the outside chocolate ring on a plate or cake stand.

    6. Insert the next yellow cake ring and then the inner chocolate cake ring.

    7. Continue forming layers alternating the colors on the outside.

    8. Frost the cake with a thin layer of frosting in between each layer.

    9. After the fourth layer frost the entire cake and cool in the refrigerator.

    10. Slice and serve.

    11. Enjoy!