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The Somme Bay ... What Is That ?

After spending two decades of holidays in my family house in the Somme bay, I can safely say out loud my thoughts on the place. Warning, it'll be nasty !

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It's soo tiny.

Alix Dwt

Estuary in the Picardie region in the North of France, the Somme bay is a land of 28 sq foot filled with sand, shells, birds and lazy butts mammals communly called seals. A river smartly nammed Somme runs throughout Picardie and ends up joining the Channel (that's where the bay is, at the end of the land part). The Somme is known for its WWI battlefields, also.

Snoozing lazy butts are striking a pose

Alix Dwt

Seals are the BFF's of fishermens. Sharing the fishes very fairly. Half and half. They even have a contract to smile for tourist during boat rides. All summer is seals show. Every day for 3 months. Amazing event. Book your ticket in advance. (All of that was sarcasme).

Gotta love a free and natural brushing :)

Alix Dwt

Thanks wind! And thanks Baie de Somme for the best childhood & teenage years ever :) From starting to walk to begining of adulthood, you were always there :) Click here to see some videos I made of the beauty that is the Bae de Somme ... and of other places in the world.

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