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17 Reasons There's Nothing Quite Like Fun Fun Fun Fest

Other music festivals can go ahead and sit down. The Fest is the best.

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1. Because it takes place in Austin, Texas, during a month where it's not 8 zilion degrees outside.

Flickr: akumar

Do you want to know what 106 degrees with no shade feels like? Nope. The average high in Austin in November is 72 degrees, AKA totally perfect.


17. And finally: because Ryan Gosling likes it, and if Ryan Gosling likes it, it's alright with us.

Josh Welch / Twitter: @joshwelch_

Gosling sightings at FFF6 spawned their own Tumblr, naturally.

Fun Fun Fun Fest 8 happens Nov 8th - 10th at Auditorium Shores in Austin TX.

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