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    17 Reasons There's Nothing Quite Like Fun Fun Fun Fest

    Other music festivals can go ahead and sit down. The Fest is the best.

    1. Because it takes place in Austin, Texas, during a month where it's not 8 zilion degrees outside.

    2. Because no other festival has yet to be on the receiving end of a more hilarious Slayer rider.

    3. Because they reunited The Descendents.

    If you think we're talking about a George Clooney movie, you should probably just leave this post now.

    4. Because they reunited RUN DMC.

    Yes, before Jay-Z did, why you buggin'?

    5. Because they reunited The Dead Milkmen.

    And they were just as cool as they were two decades earlier.

    6. Because their yearly state-wide pre-fest scavenger hunt is the stuff of legends.

    7. Because they figured out a way to make Porta Potties fun.

    By hiding a photo booth inside one! It's called the shitty photo booth, of course.

    8. Because Henry Rollins actually married a couple there once.

    9. ..and the sexy sax man was there?

    10. Because if you think that's crazy, you should hear about the time Val Kilmer got on stage and fronted the Black Lips for a bit.

    11. And even if you don't see the former Batman there again, you might just see this future Batman.

    12. Because this many dedicated fest lovers couldn't possibly be wrong.

    13. Because they gave mankind the original taco cannon. A taco. Cannon.

    14. Because the best way to get in shape before gobbling cannon tacos is to participate in some pre-fest aqua olympics.

    Giant tug-o-war? Check. Kayak battles? Check. BMX courses? Uh-huh. Skateboard antics? You bet your ass that's a check.

    15. Because actor Ice-T is performing this year.

    16. Wait, no -- wrong Ice-T. Because West Coast hip hop legend Ice-T is performing this year.

    17. And finally: because Ryan Gosling likes it, and if Ryan Gosling likes it, it's alright with us.