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If Your Allergies Were Played Out In Telenovelas

Ay, mamita, allergies are awful. Take ZYRTEC® to make your seasonal symptoms a thing of the past.

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1. The realization that allergy season is here would be almost unbearable.


¡¿Por qué, por quéee?!

2. And you'd do anything to make allergies stay out. of. your. life.


Por favor, no alergías, ¡nooooo!

3. But relentless allergies would still be all like, "¿Qué onda? ¿Amigas?"

Televisa / Via


4. No matter how hard you'd roll your eyes, they'd be in the background...lurking.

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Expecting you to sniffle and sneeze.

5. You'd want to go outside, but would remember you get an itchy nose and throat.

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¡¿Hasta cuándo?!

6. You'd be unable to stop the love of your life's wedding...

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...because it'd be out in an hacienda, and halfway to the altar your allergies would flare up!

7. Eventually, you'd be forced to stay home, knowing that all that pollen is out there, waiting for you...

...ready to make your eyes water.

...ready to make your eyes water.

8. One of your tías would take you to the town's curandera to find a remedy...


She'd tell you, "Oh, honey, this is a maldición!" and give you a white quartz crystal to carry around for ~protection~.

9. ...but it'd be useless and, surely, the symptoms would appear once again.


10. Then the day would come when you'd decide you cannot let allergies win.

Courtesy of Marino Pintor


11. You'd grab Filomón, your loyal horse, and head to the pharmacy to find something that works.

12. An evil villain would try to stop you...

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...but Filomón and you would obviously outrun her and somehow, she'd end up falling into a ditch. (*Not* your fault, though.)

13. And, soon enough, remedy in hand, como una flor en primavera, your world would blossom.

14. You'd feel in love (with life) again...


No more missing out on the fun stuff.

15. ...and realize you don't have to endure your spring allergies.

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Enough is enough. Take care of allergy symptoms with ZYRTEC®.

Use only as directed.