23 Moments When Winston Was Both The Strangest And Most Relatable Character On “New Girl”

    "If I were off my rocker, would I take a weekly selfie with my cat?"

    1. When he expressed his intense feelings, for better or worse.

    2. When he was not too clear on basic biology.

    3. When he made small talk with a cat named Ferguson.

    4. When he remembered all the ways he's been dumped.

    5. When he was only KIND OF kidding.

    6. When he sang to his best friend, Ferguson the cat.

    7. When he thought he was so good at pranks that he deserved a nickname.

    8. When he was actually pretty terrible at coming up with appropriate pranks.

    9. When he turned a funeral into a roast.

    10. When he appreciated the simple things.

    11. When he completely missed the point.

    12. When he danced like nobody was watching.

    13. When he was a little self-conscious.

    14. When his fantasies were magical.

    15. When he was way too calm in an emergency situation.

    16. When he had divine hair goals.

    17. When he gave himself all the nicknames.

    18. ...And he really tried to make "Winnie the Bish" happen.

    19. When he rocked this wig.

    20. When he had this conversation with Ferguson.

    21. When he wanted to do one very specific thing to the attractive girl across the way.

    22. When he posed this question that sort of answers itself.

    23. And of course, when he was not at all good at flirting.

    But damn it, we love that weirdo!