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What Sexy Podcast Turns You On?

What gets your engine revved up when you're stuck in traffic?

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SEX. When we're not ~doing it~, we love talking about it.

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And right now, there are so many amazing podcasts about sex and relationships out there to get your juices flowing!

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Maybe you're into a show that gives out honest advice, where NO question is off-limits.

Perhaps you prefer something that doesn't take sex, or itself, too seriously.

Or maybe you like to listen to some NSFW erotica at your desk, while your coworkers are cluelessly typing away all around you.

We want to know what you're listening to! What sex/relationship/love podcasts are you obsessed with? Tell us all about it and ~why~ it's so good in the DropBox below!

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Let's talk about sex, baby!

The best responses will be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!

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