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This Video Sorts Out The Very Simple Difference Between The Terms Hispanic, Latino, And Spanish

"I hate when people call me Spanish, because I'm not. If you're Spanish, it's because you're from Spain."

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Bustle made this handy video to simplify the definitive differences between the terms Hispanic, Latino, and Spanish.

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Host Kat Lazo breaks it down to basic definitions:


...which brings us to the VERY simple definition for "Spanish."

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"Spanish describes someone who came from Spain. It's a term of nationality, but it's also a language. Think of Italian: It's a language, but it's also a nationality."

Kat also offers this insight: "Because many Latin American countries were colonized by Spain, many folks don't feel the need or want to identify with a term that indicates them belonging to Spain."

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To sum it all up, Kat says, "It's important to remember that none of these forms of identity are perfect. And that's because they are socially constructed and mostly only used in the U.S. They also lead people to assume that Latino or Hispanic is a race, when that's not true."