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    Here's What Happened When Boys And Men Of All Ages Were Asked To Respond To The Phrase "Be A Man"

    "Someone who can be a hero to someone."

    In the latest installment of their One Word series, Cut Video asked boys and men between the ages of 5 and 50 to respond to the phrase "Be a man."

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    Age 5: "Act tough."

    Age 8: "Unafraid."

    Age 11: "Awesome."

    Age 15: "I feel like it's kinda sexist. When someone just says 'Be a man'...well, there are strong women as well."

    Age 18: "Take responsibility."

    Age 21: "Misleading. I've learned that being a man doesn't mean to shut out your feelings, it's to embrace them."

    Age 24: "Someone who can be a hero to someone."

    Age 27: "Remember your duty."

    Age 34: "To stand up for what you believe in."

    Age 38: "Overrated."

    Age 43: "Silly."

    Age 45: "Honest."

    Age 50: "Trust your instincts. Be strong."