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What Mistakes Did You Make During Your First Year As A Parent?

They really don't come with an instruction manual.

The age-old cliché about parenting — that it's the hardest job you'll every love — is absolutely true.


But as anyone who's been through it knows, that first year is HARD.

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And any new parent is bound to make some mistakes along the way.


So what do you wish you had known or done differently during that precious first year of parenthood?


Maybe you could have taken more time for yourself.

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Perhaps you wouldn't have freaked out that your friend from high school's baby started crawling two months before yours did.


Maybe you wouldn't have spent a small fortune on things that promised to magically soothe your teething baby, but really didn't help at all.


Or maybe you accidentally gave your baby something their tummy had a bad reaction to, resulting in a pukefest, and then beat yourself up about it.

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Whatever it is that you would have done differently or wish you had known before making that mistake — we want to hear it! From the diaper disasters to the emergency room panic, share your stories in the dropbox below. The best responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!