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    This Teenage Girl Thinks She's Seen Every Video On YouTube, Until Her Dad Gets Her With A Popular Prank

    Dads 1, teenagers 0.

    Eric Mccowan's teenage daughter thinks she knows everything, and claims she's seen every video on the internet. Daddy dearest said "I'm guessing she never saw one like this before!"

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    Clearly, she has not seen the many versions of the "coin inside water bottle magic trick" prank on YouTube!

    First, Dad set up his "magic trick" by showing his victim/daughter the materials he will use in this trick: a plastic bag, a bottle of clear soda, and a coin.

    He places the coin under the bottle...

    And asks her if she can see the coin through the bottle.

    Now it's time for a little bit of "magic."

    Finally, he asks her to look again and... BOOM! SPLASHED!

    Let's see that one more time, nice and slow.