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Jan 13, 2015

Watch This Crazy Swedish Cartoon Meant To Teach Kids About Their Bodies

Yes, it's a dancing penis and vagina.

This video from a Swedish kids' show is meant to teach children about their body parts. You won't be able to get the tune out of your brain, and you won't be able to un-see it, but it's totally worth it.

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SVT / Via

And check out the crazy lyrics, translated below!

It starts off with a polite introduction: "Here comes the penis at full speed!"

SVT / Via

Well, polite and maybe a little aggressive.

Then it goes straight to crazytown: "He who has no pants, dangling penis and naked ass."

SVT / Via


More introductions: "Snippe-dipp-dipp-snippedi-do! The vagina is awesome, yes it is!"

SVT / Via

Well, that's nice.

No age discrimination here: "Even on an old woman, the vagina is sitting there so elegant."

SVT / Via

She has a cane and everything.

Life lesson: "So different with almost the same thing."

SVT / Via

Yes, very different.

Educational: "Pee through the penis or the vagina if you're a girl."

SVT / Via

So informative!

Break it down! "The penis and vagina, what a lovely bunch! The vagina and penis singing our chorus."

SVT / Via


Science: "The penis and the vagina are found on our body."

SVT / Via


Um... "Popi-dopp-op-snippedi-snopp! Hanging and throwing on a small body."

SVT / Via


<3 "Snippe-dipp-dipp-snippedi-do! The vagina is awesome, baby I love you."

SVT / Via

How sweet... Wait. What?

English translation courtesy of bareVegas.