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    Watch A Bunch Of Dudes Give Their Opinions On Seriously Stylish Ladies' Shoes

    "I like any shoe that looks like a girl made it herself."

    Watch as a bunch of dudes give their random opinions on ladies' high-fashion shoes in this hilarious video from Cosmopolitan.

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    Cosmopolitan / Via

    Shoe #1

    Clearly the guys were concerned about the safety of the shoe.

    A heel this high is only for the brave!

    This guy, however, sees the risky footwear to his own advantage.

    Shoe #2

    Yes! Fashion AND function.

    This guy is just going to say NO.

    Shoe #3

    Don't over-think it, bro.

    Shoe #4

    He can appreciate craftiness!

    This shoe has a story. Lifetime should make that movie.

    Shoe #5


    Last up, Shoe #6

    SO much going on here.

    He gets it.