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    Watch Colorblind People See In Full Color For The First Time


    Think about how much you'd miss if you couldn't see red or green.

    Valspar Paint

    Commonly, red and green look the same to someone who is colorblind.

    Valspar Paint / Via

    Valspar Paint is teaming up with EnChroma, a company created to study the possibility of enhancing color vision. Together, they have developed these special glasses to help colorblind people see in color for the first time.

    Valspar Paint / Via

    Chris, who is colorblind, got to experience what he felt was "a world of color that I'm just sort of missing out on."

    Valspar Paint / Via

    ...And he was overcome with emotion.

    Valspar Paint / Via

    Atlee also has an emotional response. She adds:

    Valspar Paint / Via

    "I never realized, like, how much I was affected by the fact that I can't see the world, like, the way that other people see the world."

    Andrew finally gets to really see his kid's artwork:

    Valspar Paint / Via

    "When he's drawing, I see him going in and out of his crayon box like 150 times, sometimes... And now I kinda know why. There's a lot more colors here."

    And finally, Keith was rendered speechless.

    Valspar Paint / Via

    Watch the entire video from Valspar Paint here.

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    Learn more about the #ColorforAll project here.