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This Deserving Mom Was Surprised With Six Months Of Mortgage Payments After The Tragic Loss Of Her Son

She was nominated by her daughter for a local radio station's "Giveback" program.

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The Kyle and Jackie O Show is a popular radio show on KIIS 1065 in Sydney, Australia. During a recent #Giveback segment, the hosts decided to surprise a woman, but instead of calling her, they spoke to her directly through the radio.

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"The woman I'm speaking to, she has her three children in the car with her, she's wearing a light blue top, and she thinks she's on her way to a spa day."

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Michele had recently lost her 19-year-old son Blaine, seen in the blue shirt here, due to a random accident at work.

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Michele, who is still grieving for her son, is feeling pressure to return to work, as the bills are starting to pile up. Thanks to the generosity of the people at Clarendon Homes, Jackie O has a wonderful surprise for Michele.

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Finally, the hosts got Michele on the phone, and she was overcome with gratitude.

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You can read more of Michele's story and help support the family here.

Watch the entire touching video here:

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