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    Literally 17 Hilarious Tweets About Being The Mom Of Your Friend Group

    Every group has one — is it you?

    1. When you realize YOU are the mom of your friend group.

    Twitter: @DorisWessels

    Because sometimes that mom life chooses you.

    2. Seriously, everyone around you knows it to be true.

    3. Even if they don't always appreciate you.

    4. When you are frustrated with your "kids."

    5. It's all because you care so much.

    6. Sometimes maybe you care a little too much.

    7. But someone has to be the responsible one.

    8. Plus, you like taking care of people!

    9. Somehow, your friends always let you know that you are needed, in their own way.

    10. Sometimes, they don't even know how much they need you.

    11. You always make sure that birthdays are celebrated properly.

    12. Unless, of course, it's your own birthday.

    13. Everyone knows they can count on you no matter where you go.

    14. You've got this.

    15. You've always been fiercely protective of your besties.

    16. You are prepared for ANYTHING.

    17. Basically, you know that your work as the mom-friend is never done until everyone is safe and sound.

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