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A 7-Year-Old Destroyed The Cast Of "The Force Awakens" At "Star Wars" Trivia

The defeat took place on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and J.J. Abrams hosted the battle.

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Arden Hayes, a 7-year-old genius went on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and completely destroyed Star Wars: The Force Awakens cast members John Boyega, Adam Driver, Carrie Fisher, and Daisy Ridley in a game of Star Wars trivia.

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The film's director J.J. Abrams played host and judge.

Meet Team Star Wars:

Jimmy Kimmel Live / Via

From left to right: Adam Driver, Carrie Fisher, Daisy Ridley, and John Boyega.

And meet their very worthy opponent, Arden Hayes:

Jimmy Kimmel Live / Via

Now, that's an entrance.

When Jimmy asked Arden if his opponents should be scared, the kid genius served up some serious trash talk.

Jimmy Kimmel Live / Via


First question went to Arden: "What was Luke planning on picking up at Tosche Station?"

Jimmy Kimmel Live / Via

And he nailed it.

Team Star Wars was not looking so confident after their first question, "Where did Uncle Owen tell Luke to take the droids into to have their memory erased?"

Jimmy Kimmel Live / Via


The real shocker came when Team Star Wars was asked, "In what detention block was one Princess Leia being held?"

Jimmy Kimmel Live / Via

Carrie Fisher! C'mon!

But of course, Arden was ready with the correct answer.

Jimmy Kimmel Live / Via


This complete shutout continued for several rounds. Notice the scoreboard during the final question, "What docking bay in Mos Eisley housed the Millennium Falcon?"

Jimmy Kimmel Live / Via

Arden FTW!

The force is very strong with this one.

Jimmy Kimmel Live / Via

Yeah, ~definitely~.

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