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This Guy Made A Video After The Gym Closed Up With Him Locked Inside

Nick Clayton claims he was in the sauna when the LA Fitness location closed up, leaving him locked inside.

Nick Clayton says he took this video when he discovered he was locked inside a closed LA Fitness location in Clearwater, Florida.

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Nick Clayton / Via

Nick told BuzzFeed he "was in the sauna for about 15 minutes and then realized I was left locked in the gym."

Nick Clayton / Via

He said, "After my workout, I ran back to the locker rooms at the Countryside to relax in the sauna. I popped my headphones in and started to detox. A few times I thought to myself, 'Wow, what a slow day in the sauna.' About 15 minutes later I walked out. The bathroom was fully lit. Music on. However, when I stepped into the main gym...PITCH BLACK...! I thought there was NO POSSIBLE WAY I could have been left behind. After 5-10 minutes of looking around and knocking on doors, I realized that, in fact, was the case. My first thought was to document the crazy situation online for friends to get a few laughs from."

Nick documented the eerily empty gym.

Nick Clayton / Via

Nick had no idea what to do. He told BuzzFeed, "The last thing I wanted was to trip any alarms or be accused of anything outrageous."

Nick Clayton / Via

He eventually reached out to another location for help. He explained to BuzzFeed, "I ended up calling management from another LA Fitness and asked them to help me. The guy at the front had to laugh a little. They made some calls and ended up giving me clearance to exit the facility."

BuzzFeed contacted LA Fitness, but both locations in Clearwater declined to comment on the story.