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    Tiny Hamster's Trip To Disney World Will Give You Vacation Goals

    This is how you Disney, Tiny Hamster style.

    Everybody's favorite hamster is back, and this time he's living it up at Walt Disney World!

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    Tiny Hamster is about to school you on how to have the best day ever at Disney World.

    Don't forget to take your autograph book!

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    It's no surprise this tiny VIP was greeted by the one and only Mickey Mouse!

    Definitely make time for a churro.

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    The iconic Mad Tea Party ride in Fantasyland is a must-do.

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    Just make sure you rest your churro-filled tummy first!


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    Two words: Dole Whip.

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    Don't forget to take a ride through the legendary Haunted Mansion.

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    The Main Street Electrical Parade and some fireworks are the perfect end to the perfect day!

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