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    15 Board Games Guaranteed To Shake Up Your Next Game Night

    Because there's only so many times you can play Cards Against Humanity.

    1. That Was Awkward β€” A comfort zone-destroying party game for brave souls.

    2. Loaded Questions β€” A perfect ice-breaker for any social gathering.

    3. 5 Second Rule β€” A really simple game that is much harder than you think.

    4. Joking Hazard β€” Build inappropriate comic strips with consenting, foul-minded adults.

    5. Mafia the Party Game β€” A classic party game, perfect for a large group.

    6. Funemployed β€” The weirdest and most enjoyable job interviews you'll ever participate in.

    7. Dohdles! β€” Ridiculous riddles made out of clay.

    8. We Didn't Playtest This At All β€” An insanely absurd game that simply cannot be explained in one sentence.

    9. Dutch Blitz β€” Basically, competitive solitaire on speed.

    10. Pandemic β€” A cooperative board game where you work together to try to save humanity from a deadly outbreak.

    11. Dixit β€” A beautifully illustrated game of creative thinking and bluffing.

    12. Conspiracy Theory β€” A hilarious trivia game that tests your knowledge of insane conspiracy theories.

    13. Machi Koro β€” A quick, lighthearted strategy game for anyone who's over Monopoly.

    14. Quelf β€” An unpredictable game that's all about following directions and getting silly.

    15. Ladies and Gentlemen β€” Role-playing and strategy for a raucous night of laughs.

    Note: Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.