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This Engaged Couple Got To See What They Would Look Like As They Get Old

A lifetime together in minutes through the wonders of makeup.

Cut Video collaborated with Field Day to make this incredible video, aging an engaged couple to see what they'd look like in their fifties, seventies, and nineties. The results are truly remarkable and touching.

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This is Kristie and Tavis, an engaged couple in their twenties.

When they told their friends and family about this experiment, Kristie's mother was really happy about it.

First up was the transition from their twenties into their fifties.

Time for the first reveal!

Now that they've seen each other, the two get a chance to see themselves.

Tavis used this glimpse into his future as a warning.

The couple imagined their life at 50.

Soon it was time to fast-forward to their seventies.


The makeup is so realistic!

Things were getting pretty intense, but Kristie still found a way to laugh about it all.

Emotions started to run deep, as Tavis imagined 50 years of memories behind them.

With tears in her eyes, Kristie shared:

Finally, it was time to take the transformations all the way to the nineties.

It was a lot to take in.

This is just so lovely.

What an overwhelming experience.

Things got quite emotional when they were asked what they would want their last words to each other to be.


For these two twentysomethings, about to get married and start a life together, this experience was a confirmation of their love and commitment to each other.

Cheers to a long life of health and happiness!