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    This Insane Optical Illusion Will Have You Staring At Your Screen Forever

    So much for getting anything else done today.

    This optical illusion created by Atlanta-based magician and illusion artist Victoria Skye is going viral and melting brains all over the internet.

    Terrific optical illusion by Victoria Skye. @RichardWiseman @chriscfrench

    Those horizontal bars are bent at an angle, right? WRONG. They are straight, parallel lines.

    Not convinced? Try looking at it from a different point of view.

    @mandoran @martinstaylor @chriscfrench @RichardWiseman They are completely straight & horizontal.If you look at it…

    Me rn:

    Just in case you still need convincing (so do I, tbh), here's a dancing bear to prove it once and for all.

    @AstroKatie the dancing bear proves the horizontal bars are horizontal no i am serious

    You can't argue with a dancing bear.