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This Mom Pulled Off The Best Birthday Prank On Her 8-Year-Old Son

He thought he was in big trouble, but instead he got his dream gift!

Ja'Myron really thought he was getting in trouble for something he didn't even do! But when he opened the mystery package addressed to him, he was happily surprised. Nice job, Mom!

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Marj B / Via

Mom starts the fun by showing Ja'Myron a package addressed to him and accusing him of ordering something without her permission.

Confused, Ja'Myron was forced to open the package, while his mom let us all in on the joke.

The birthday boy is very surprised and confused to pull out an iPod Touch, which is something he really wanted.

Mom sternly tells him to read the little note attached...

That smile, tho! <3

Ja'Myron is a really good sport!