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This Makeup Artist Painted A Hogwarts Mural On Her Body And It Is Pure Magic

Artist Georgina Ryland is either genius or just a very clever witch.

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Brisbane-based Australian makeup artist Georgina Ryland is incredibly talented in creating beautiful and whimsical body paint murals.

georginaryland / Via

She does stunningly beautiful work.

georginaryland / Via

And now, she's created a masterpiece with this incredibly detailed portrait of Hogwarts.

georginaryland / Via

Watch the incredible time lapse of her creating this magnificent piece of art.

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The artist and Harry Potter fan told Mashable, "I've always been a fan of Harry Potter and I have wanted to paint the castle for a while now. I picked this particular reference image because it is so recognisable and has a very fantastical and magical feel to it."

For those of us who can't even draw a circle on a piece of paper, this is some straight-up witchcraft.

In her YouTube description, Georgina says, "The look is inspired by a scene from Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone."

She adds, "It took roughly five hours to paint but I could have happily gone for ten hours! It was challenging but fun to try it in this painterly style."

The whole thing is completely mesmerizing.

Well done, indeed!

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You can see more of Georgina's work on her website or by following her on Instagram.

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